About Carla


Carla Suarez
CEO @thekarlyshhcloset
Mother, wife, and saleswoman by vocation.

I started my online business 4 years ago at the request of the people around me who liked my style. Less than a year ago, we opened our physical store.

At the beginning, it was just a hobby, but in the wake of the pandemic, I realized that I had to take that hobby to another level.

Today, thank God, I have two dreams materialized: THE KARLYSHH LEGGINGS and THE KARLYSHH SHOES, my brands that, with a lot of work and love, are growing every day and reaching new markets.

My wish is that each woman has these leggings that perfectly fit her figure, becoming essential pieces in her closet. And that we walk together leaving traces of love with my footwear.

On my way to entrepreneurship, I have learned that REAL QUEENS help each other fix the crown. This became the foundation for creating a segment called QUEENS SUPPORTING QUEENS.

"You must not forget that there is space and light for everyone." ⚡️⭐️

Welcome to my online store and thank you for being part of my community.

With love,
Carla Suarez.